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Quality from South Tyrol

What the seal of quality stands for

The Seal of Quality for milk and dairy products from South Tyrol stands for quality from South Tyrol and guarantees that raw materials are selected with the greatest care and processed gently and responsibly. Throughout the entire chain of production - from the production on the farmsteads of South Tyrol to the processing in the dairies - we guarantee integrity, care and quality that can be traced.



Quality from South Tyrol: What does the Seal of Quality guarantee mean for you?


Regulated feed
Our animals are only given GMO-free, plant-based feed.

Animal husbandry
Strict attention is paid to origin and health of the animals.

Closely monitored milk production
Health checks by official government veterinarians, quality inspections, on-farm expert consulting services, and quality-dependent pricing all ensure excellent milk.

Closely monitored dairy processing
Additives contain no GM components, processing is environmentally friendly and quality is inspected regularly.

Quality: No genetically modified components are used anywhere in milk production in South Tirol - from animal feed to dairy processing. The labeling of GMO-free products is regulated by law in South Tyrol.  A tight system of inspection and control mechanisms guarantees a product that customers can trust!

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