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From “white gold” to dairy processing

Committed to quality

Here, the land is still unspoiled: our cows graze freely on well-tended and verdant open pastureland, where they only eat natural forage. The dairy cows graze on lush fields in the summer and are fed with GMO-free feed that is rich in nutrients day after day in the winter. We give our farmers valuable assistance in providing their animals with appropriate, high-yield feed; in doing so, we guarantee the quality of our mozzarella and fresh cheese specialties right from the beginning of dairy processing. Our animals are only given GMO-free, plant-based feed.


Breeding and care

Happy cows give us top quality milk. With passion, our member farmers raise their livestock on small farms with few animals and under as much as possible natural conditions. Our 1,100 members all only have a small number of dairy cows to be able to take care of them correctly. Regularly checks confirm the origin of the dairy cows and that they are properly cared for.


Closely monitored milk production

Milk production, i.e. the milking process, is monitored by the official government veterinarian responsible. Brimi constantly checks the quality of the milk and guarantees this through payment based on quality.


Milk inspections

State-of-the-art techniques are used to ensure the milk is traceable: more than 75,000 microbiological and 260,000 chemical analyses and 19,500 tastings are carried out every year; these provide the quality basis for the subsequent dairy processing.


Daily collection

Our drivers are out on the roads early in the morning every day to collect the precious milk from the farm and bring it to the dairy farm where it is processed into delicious specialties.


Mozzarella and fresh cheese – production and inspection

We process the GMO-free milk in a gentle way to preserve the milk’s natural properties and guarantee that it keeps its full flavor. Innovative technologies and our professional staff are responsible for our quality products.


Production inspections

Production is constantly monitored at Brimi. Regular analysis, samples and product tastings allows us to constantly establish and check our high quality standard. As a result we guarantee that the best products are always delivered to our customers.



We supply local shops and restaurant businesses with our products every day using our own trucks. As a result, we guarantee the full flavor of fresh milk in our specialties.

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