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Brimi – Centro Latte di Bressanone/Milchhof Brixen – a company with a great vision

The success story of a dairy from South Tyrol

During the 1920s, the small cooperative dairy of Sciaves/Schabs and the dairy producer of Bressanone/Brixen processed and sold their milk with a great deal of passion. In 1969 the two dairies from South Tyrol merged, giving birth to the Centro Latte di Bressanone/Milchhof Brixen – Brimi. 1978 was a historic date for Brimi, as we have been producing mozzarella at our business since then. Today Brimi is one of the most important producers of mozzarella on the national market and beyond.


A delightful idea becomes reality – the history of Brimi Mozzarella

“Mozzarella? Why not?” In 1978 this idea that Wolfgang Heiss, former president of the cooperative, had together with director Luis Pichler seemed bizarre to say the least. Making mozzarella in South Tyrol, where fresh cheeses were almost unheard of at the time, was a real risk. But to say “mozzarella” is to say “milk.” And only those who have tasted our milk can understand that Wolfgang Heiss was looking into the future. So far into the future, in fact, that his intuition has become an exquisite reality. A reality that only a gem of technology like the plant in Varna/Vahrn, which opened in 1977, could realize. Since then, South Tyrolean milk has become mozzarella and has been given a name: Brimi. A name made from a thousand names. Because Brimi is the farmer of a small high-mountain dairy where you can taste the Dolomites in the freshly drawn milk. Brimi is those who monitor the milk, working meticulously every day in order to ensure that every bite of mozzarella in endowed with that special flavor. Brimi is those who have always believed that tradition is an asset that should be valorized through innovation. Brimi is you, when you choose to enhance your food with goodness this delicious: the one and only mozzarella produced in South Tyrol.

Following extensive expansion and renovation work, Centro Latte di Bressanone/Milchhof Brixen began operating from its current headquarters in Varna/Vahrn in 2008. Today Brimi is the the only South Tyrolean dairy that specialized in the production of mozzarella.


Uniquely versatile: the Brimi range

Brimi does not just know all about the quality-conscious production of mozzarella. The dairy’s wide range of products also includes other delicious Italian fresh cheese specialties such as ricotta and mascarpone as well as fresh milk, fresh cream, butter and drinking yogurt along with organic fresh milk, organic butter and organic mozzarella.

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