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Mozzarella made 100% from South Tyrolean milk: Recipes you will love!

35 times mozzarella

The pure enjoyment of mozzarella made from South Tyrolean milk: you will love these recipes with mozzarella! However you love it most: with a drizzle of good olive oil and a pinch of salt, enjoyed breaded and fried, as the main ingredient in salads, pasta, tomatoes or as a filling in parmigiana or as an essential component of one of the most famous dishes in the world: pizza. A versatile ingredient, exquisite in summer and winter alike, it has always enriched our cuisine with the freshness of its rich and unique flavor.

But there's mozzarella and then there’s mozzarella: and Brimi is Mozzarella with a capital “M” because it is made with all the goodness of fresh South Tyrolean milk. Taste it ... and from the very first bite, all of the freshness of good Alpine milk will captivate your senses. Brimi makes mozzarella for many occasions, and in many shapes and sizes because imagination knows no bounds in the kitchen. Our three renowned chefs know this well: by way of 35 fantastic recipes, Heinrich Gasteiger, Gerhard Wieser and Helmut Bachman  will take you on a journey into the realm of mozzarella, a journey that will delight your palate and those of your guests. There’s already an irresistible aroma in the air. You’re heading towards a world of flavor. . Happy reading, and above all: Buon appetito!

Roulades of Speck ham and mozzarella with salad
Brimi Mozzarella recipes
Three chefs, 35 recipes and one great passion: Brimi Mozzarella
Brimi Mozzarella diced
How to use mozzarella
Brimi Mozzarella: the right choice for every opportunity
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