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Milk, butter, mascarpone and mozzarella: best before date and storage

Tips on the best before date of mozzarella and co.

We reveal a few tips and tricks to you here about how to store our fresh cheese specialties and dairy products: The best before date and storage instructions must be followed to be able to enjoy the full Brimi flavor!


Mozzarella is a characteristic Italian cheese and is used in making pizza, for example, or with tomatoes and basil (Caprese salad). It should be consumed fresh if possible, mozzarella has a best before date. Packages that have swollen indicate that the product is not fresh, or that the chain of cold was interrupted and the process of fermentation has started.  Once the package is open, mozzarella can be conserved in the refrigerator for a few days, if it is completely covered by the special salamoia brine.
The crust of mozzarella cheese must be hard and consistent. The liquid that comes out when it is cut is a good sign, because it indicates that the product is fresh. Tips for using mozzarella.


Mascarpone goes off relatively quickly, which is why it used to mainly be made in the winter. As it easily absorbs smells it should always be stored in a well-sealed container.


  • Always store milk and dairy products in the refrigerator at 4°C and observe the best before date.
  • Tired of always scorching milk? Rinse saucepans with cold water first!
  • Tired of having milk boil over? Put a spoon in the bottom of the pot, or coat the edge of the saucepan with a bit of butter.


Butter absorbs smells very quickly, and should always be stored in a well-sealed container. The more variations in temperature that butter is exposed to, the less spreadable it becomes. That's why it's best to only keep a small amount of butter in the butter dish.


For best results with whipped cream, rinse the mixing bowl or other container with cold water before whipping. If you are not going to use the whole packet of cream, be sure to shake the container well before opening. This redistributes butterfat that has settled or risen.

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