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The full enjoyment of mozzarella

Brimi Mozzarella: the right choice for every opportunity

Mozzarella: the perfect treat

You know that mozzarella is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use of all ingredients in today’s kitchens. Simple, fresh and natural: its flavor goes perfectly with a wide array of dishes, highlighting the most varied and original flavors. That’s why mozzarella is the Queen of the Kitchen.

Brimi Mozzarella: every occasion is the right one

Delicious by itself, Brimi Mozzarella is at its best served with a drizzle of high-grade olive oil, which enhances the flavor of the milk. It’s also perfect for tantalizing appetizers, which will delight the taste buds of your guests. Because they are soft and delicate, Brimi Mozzarella Bocconcini, which comes in sizes of the 25 g Brimi Mozzarella Bocconcini, the traditional Brimi Mozzarella Ball (100 g and 125 g sizes) and Brimi Mozzarelline (7.5 g each) are ideal for serving plain or as an appetizer.

Would you like to enrich the freshness of your salad with all the flavor of South Tyrolean milk? Then the Brimi Mozzarella Block, available in 250 g and 400 g sizes, is ideal for you because it’s so easy to cut. And what about Brimi Mozzarelline? The softness of these bite-sized morsels makes them a pleasure that goes perfectly with the crunchiness of the lettuce leaves.

But Brimi Mozzarella is not only to be eaten on its own or as an appetizer: it also enriches many main dishes. You can make delicious fillings with the firmer types, such as the Brimi Block in 250 g and 400 g sizes; the softer varieties are wonderful for cooking au gratin, for example. And if you want to give a tasty twist to pasta dishes, just sprinkle it on at the moment you serve.

Saying “pizza” is just like saying “mozzarella”. Either the Brimi Mozzarella Block or diced
arella is an essential ingredient for this dish, among the most famous in the world.
Those who suffer from lactose intolerance needn’t give up the goodness of mozzarella: you will find lactose-free mozzarella among Brimi’s line of products.

Every taste is a party

With olives and capers, to contrast with the taste of the milk; with oregano, basil and parsley for an even more delicate taste; with white or black truffle, or perhaps porcini mushrooms, in exploration of flavors that are as original as they are extraordinary; or simply paired with the ever-popular tomato, enhanced with a drizzle of olive oil, for a fresh and flavorful Caprese salad. Every flavor will find in Brimi Mozzarella a consummate partner, an ingredient that turns every table into a party. Many combinations of flavors, such as with balsamic vinegar, vegetables and many types of fruit, will delight the senses and the palate every single time.

Tips for storing mozzarella correctly

  • Mozzarella should always be stored at a temperature between 4°C and 6°C for it to stay fresh and develop its full flavor and it should never be served cold.
  • To ensure a more intense flavor its serving temperature should be between 14°C and 16°C. It is therefore recommended to remove mozzarella from the refrigerator a half hour before eating it or to immerse it briefly in hot water.
  • Brimi Mozzarella is a fresh product without any preservatives; naturally it has a best before by date and should be consumed within a few days once opened.

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